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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wine Movie : Mondovino

Mondovino, Italian for World of Wine, is an interesting movie about the changing wine world, including the effects of globalization, wine consultants like Michel Rolland, a French version of Leo McCloskey from An Ideal Wine, and Robert Parker's ratings. It presents perspectives of both the old and new guard.

The old guard is represented by a number of likable, mostly cranky, old men. They are all about terroir and tradition. They think wine is a mystic communal between man and nature. The don't mind that it takes 20 years for a Bordeaux to become accessible; it produces a better result. One even goes so far as to pronounce wine dead. One sees the Parkerization of the industry as an American attacking the wine world. They believe brands eventually die, but terroir lasts forever. They bring up interesting points, that raised my interest in the traditional Old World wines of which I haven't had much experience with.

The new guard is interested in accessing as many customers as possible. Some use consultants to improve their wine, sometimes without even understanding what the consultants are doing. The new guard is interested in expanding across country boundaries, to make the best wine everywhere. They regard some of the old guard as country bumpkins.

The movie is mostly a read-a-movie, though some English is spoken. It was impressive that the filmmaker appeared to speak all the languages spoken in the film. The camera work was a bit shoddy at times, some close up of eyes, and lots of jittering. It was also annoying that the camera seemed to favor dogs over the subject, which might be a plus for dog lovers, but wasn't for me.

After seeing this movie I'm very interested in trying a bunch of these wines, especially Domaine de Souch, Opus One, a joint effort of Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Ch√Ęteau Mouton Rothschild and Robert Mondavi, and Ornellaia, a wine pronounced #1 in the world after Mondavi took it over. I'm not certain I can convince my wife on a purchase of this size though. I would also love to have a blind tasting pitting the old vs the new. Wiki has the complete list of the vineyards that appeared in the file; gotta love wiki!

I recommend this movie. I really liked it, giving it it four stars out of five.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wine Movie : Blood Into Wine

We streamed Blood into Wine on the recommendation of Fred Reiss, our pourer from Skov Winery. Our preference was to watch his Mondovino recommendation, but this was unavailable for streaming on NetFlix. We'll have to wait for the DVD.

The movie is an interesting look at Maynard James Keenan's journey to make wine in Arizona. Maynard is the lead singer of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer; none of which Sue nor I are very familiar with. Maynard teams up with Eric Glomski, previously a wine maker at David Bruce, to create a winery: Cadeceus Cellars.

The movie is more about Maynard's journey than wine making in general. He's a pretty interesting character, but the movie probably fares better with his existing fans. We would have preferred more wine related information. We give it a weak recommendation.

Maynard used this incredibly cool fish corkscrew. I wonder how many of these they have sold since the movie. I know we ordered one.

Pisces Corkscrew

The wine sounded pretty interesting and we'd love to try some, though a lot of it seems sold out on their web site.

I recommend this movie. I liked it, giving it it three stars out of five.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Q: Was that show at the beginning real? It seemed way to unbelievable to be real.

A: ???